An Introduction to Faculty Advising Using the SSC-Campus Platform


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 22, 2017) — As the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) continues to grow, our academic advising needs continue to grow and develop as well. Kennesaw State University currently has a system of academic advising that includes professional advisors, faculty advisors and peer advisors to facilitate advising for all the students on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses. Academic advising is an important part of a student’s academic success because in advising meetings, students can see how well they’ve performed in their classes, gain insight into the courses that are required for graduation, and gather advice about how to structure their upcoming course loads in a way that prepares them for success.

Recently, CHSS has added 2 professional advisors, and we are looking to continue increasing our numbers of professional advisors. As part of Kennesaw State’s push to increase graduation rates, the university has adopted the SSC-Campus academic advising platform to assist in collaboration between professional and faculty advisors both within and between the colleges. Using a common platform for recording advising interactions allows for enhanced collaboration and student accountability.

The SSC-Campus platform is an additional tool for faculty advisors to supplement the tools that are already being used. Tools, such as the SSC-Campus platform, help faculty advisors to be proactive in advising students. The platform has direct emailing capabilities, connects to course schedules for scheduling assistance, and enables any academic advisor to input notes about an advising session for clear follow up and progress checks. However, this platform also includes a wealth of data from 10 years of Kennesaw State University students in order to assist advisors in giving informed advice about majors and courses both inside and outside of their specific college. This means that if a student is not performing highly in his or her chosen major, an academic advisor has the capability to examine the courses the student has performed well in and to match those courses to a different major.

Academic advising is one of the keys to a student’s academic success, and at CHSS we want to give our faculty and professional academic advisors the best tools for advising success. For faculty that would like more information about the SSC-Campus platform, please visit Owl Express and under the Advisor Services tab you will see a link to EAB. This is how you access the SSC-Campus platform. If you have additional questions about how the platform works, please contact Dr. Chris Hutt, Director of Academic Advising in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at For students interested in scheduling an advising appointment, please visit