Asian Studies Lecture Series Kicks Off Inaugural Year of New Major


KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 13, 2016) — Over 40 students inquiring about Kennesaw State University’s newest declarable major, a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, came to hear a panel of esteemed deans, professors, and employers, share information and answer daunting questions about the budding program. The Asian Studies major was approved in spring of 2016 much to the excitement of both the student body and faculty. This approval was earned after what Dr. Thierry Leger, Senior Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, calls years of research and relationship building. After the seal of approval was received, KSU announced that the new major would have a quick start date - fall 2016.

A record number of students have converted their Asian studies minors to the new major, and other students have inquired about details regarding the steps that should be an Asian Studies major. The panel of Asian studies experts, facilitated by Dr. Yanghee Kim, discussed the infrastructure of the new major and its central focuses on the countries of: China, South Korea, and Japan. Students also have the leisure of focusing on a specific concentration within their selected Asian country including: Asian Culture, Asian History and Politics, Asian Business, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). In addition to the traditional major and minor declarations, students have the flexibility of adding an Asian Studies major to their previously declared major, resulting in being a dual-major, or even dual-minoring in two different Asian languages.

During the panel discussion, one of the central topics was the abundance of paid internship opportunities and potential career connections for students. Ms. Chrystal Rhodes, of Kids ‘R’ Kids China, presented on the all-expense-paid internships available for students to teach English in China to children ages 2-6 years old. These internships, she explained, frequently lead to long term positions within the company, not only in teaching but corporate positions as well. Ms. Rhodes represents just one of many employers who are on board to support the new wave of global leaders.

For those who wish to go beyond just their required coursework, there are Asian Studies organizations, such as ASSO, that welcome individuals with a research interest in Asia.


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Composed By: Jilyian Chappel-Couser