CHSS Faculty come together to save students over $443,000 from their student debt load


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 1, 2016) — Kennesaw State University faculty are committed to supporting student success. Thirty-six KSU faculty and staff have stepped up, with support from the KSU Library and the state of Georgia, to create and/or adapt 13 sets of open educational resources (OERS) sometimes for use in multiple classes or class sequences. This work has saved $899,860 from the student debt load each year. Each group was awarded an Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grant to support them in their work.

In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 17 different members of our faculty and staff split into five groups and saved students a combined $443,579.80. Listed below are the groups from CHSS.

Seneca Vaught and Griselda Thomas (African and African Diaspora Studies): $20,840
Ginny Zhan, May Gao, Yumin Ao (Asian Studies): $11,249
Daniel Farr and Tiffani Reardon (Sociology): $13,963.80
Tamara Powell, Jonathan Arnett, Monique Logan, Cassandra Race, Tiffani Reardon (DWMA/English): $51,615
Sharon Pearcey, Chris Randall, Jen Willard, Beth Kirsner, Adrienne Williamson, Tricia Mahaffey (Psychology): $345,912