Communication Student applies his Classroom Knowledge in the Workforce


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 24, 2010) — "I love my Communication career," Montye Edwards emphatically begins his discussion on his profession, accomplishments, and aspirations.

Montye is a Communication major here at Kennesaw State. He is already employing the skills and principles of his Public Relations concentration in his job at PM Lifestyle, an Atlanta-based social media company founded in March of 2006. The company covers many aspects of media including Photography, Viral Marketing, Social Networking Interaction, Designs, Video Production, and includes media properties Wrecked Magazine and SlideAmerica. The goal of the company is to connect and promote products generation wide, giving businesses a chance to reach out to younger consumers. As Chief of Communication of PM Lifestyle, Montye's responsibility is to build strong relationships with both the public and the companies interested in the unique connection opportunities offered by his company.

Montye just recently organized the Oklahoma Men of Distinction Leadership Conference at Seminole State College in Seminole, OK. Male students, grades 9-12, from seven area high schools attended the conference. These students gathered to learn about the positive influence of leadership and even received the keynote address from Eason Jordan, former President and Chief News Executive for CNN. Also in attendance were city officials, judges, and military officials, as well as fire fighters and members of law enforcement. Those in attendance described the conference as a very positive experience with enthusiastic and passionate speakers.

Ultimately, Montye plans to use his success in Communication and, specifically, Public Relations to inspire young men and women to find the direction they deserve. "Young men are so disconnected from American society," he states, wanting to help them find leadership through understanding and experience. He is currently with the United Way of America on a nationwide youth program, "Live United," which will give role models in the community a chance to positively impact and connect generations. He also plans to give back to Kennesaw State by making a point to give Kennesaw students job opportunities through PM Lifestyle. An internship for KSU students is also in the works.