Dr. Akinyemi leads KSU Model African Union to another award winning performance


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 5, 2010) — The Department of Political Science and International Affairs is pleased to share with you the outstanding performance of the Kennesaw State University Model African Union team at last weekend's (Feb. 24-28, 2010) National Model AU conference in Washington, DC, hosted by Howard University. As one of the 30 participating colleges and universities, representing 41 countries, Kennesaw State had the privilege of representing Angola, Egypt and Cote D'Ivoire. Out of a total of 11 awards given for Outstanding Delegations and individual Committee Leaderships, KSU's team won 5 - an unprecedented number for a single school! One of our students, Assana Magaji-Alio , in recognition of her outstanding performance as a committee chair, was given the honor of co-chairing the plenary session of the Heads of State and Governments. The rest of the award winners are:


  • Samantha Manedoum : Outstanding Delegation in the Technical Committee on Social Matters
  • Silvia Trejo : Outstanding Delegation in the Technical Committee on Peace and Security
  • Fungai Kapenzie : Outstanding Delegation in the Executive Council
  • Marcel Maglo : Outstanding Delegation in the Technical Committee for Economic Matters
  • Caroline Ofulah : Committee Leadership Award for the Executive Council


Other members of the award winning KSU delegation are:

  • Ifeoluwa Onabanjo
  • Ali Abedi
  • Alan Herrera
  • Kareen Fabouzie
  • Jamihla Bobboy
  • Owen Chilongo
  • Lainkor Deng
  • Carlton Ducan
  • Kasim Hassan
  • Kharen Dawn Andrews
  • Trevor Sharpe


Special thanks goes out to Dr. Nuru Akinyemi, the Faculty Advisor for the Model African Union for all his hard work and dedication to building this award winning team. We would also like to recognize Dr. Brandon Lundy of the Department of Geography and Anthropology, for volunteering as co-Faculty Advisor for this National Model. Brandon's assistance and support was invaluable to the team's success.