Dr. Fein publishes a new book, "Forward-Looking Conservatism: A Renegade Sociologist Speaks Out"


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 8, 2018) — Dr. Melvyn Fein's new book, "Forward-Looking Conservatism: A Renegade Sociologist Speaks Out" is now available on Amazon Kindle

Liberalism is supposed to be forward-looking. It is not. It is grounded in Marxism, which developed a century and a half ago. Meanwhile, conservatism is supposed to be static. It is not. Although it honors tradition, it builds upon it. In revering liberty, the family, and smaller government, it lays the groundwork for further progress. Forward-Looking Conservatism explains why this is so. Culled from the columns of Dr. Melvyn L. Fein, it makes clear that we need a new way to understand the hostile divide between Republicans and Democrats. Although Dr. Fein is a sociologist, he is not neo-Marxist. He describes himself as a renegade sociologist because he is out of step with more than ninety per cent of his colleagues. Nonetheless, for a society to be successful, it must be cohesive. Millions of strangers must learn to live and work together so that they can collaborate to their mutual benefit. A sociology that has not been corrupted by identity politics is essential to understanding how this is possible.