Dr. Karim Ismaili named new Associate Dean of College


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 12, 2010) — The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is pleased to announce that after an extensive national and international search, Dr. Karim Ismaili has been selected as the new Associate Dean of the College. Dr. Ismaili will take over for the recently retired Dr. Lana Wachniak.

Dr. Ismaili is a Professor of Criminal Justice. Since 2006, he has served as the Inaugural Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Ryerson University in Toronto. Prior to joining Ryerson, Dr. Ismaili taught criminal justice at St. John’s University in New York City (1997-2006) and at Radford University in Virginia (1996-1997). He has also served as a visiting professor in the New York City Police Department, and as a research and policy advisor in the Ministry of the Solicitor General Canada and Department of Justice Canada. His areas of teaching, research and publishing include criminal justice policy and analysis, penology, criminological theory, crime and inequality, and post 9/11 crime and security developments. In addition to researching the intersection of immigration and crime control policy, he is developing two separate collections on contemporary crime policy, one focusing on the US (Forthcoming 2010, Jones and Bartlett Publishers) and the other on Canada (with Jane Sprott and Kim Varma, Forthcoming 2011, Oxford University Press).

Dr. Ismaili holds a Bachelor of Arts (criminology) from Simon Fraser University, a Master of Philosophy (criminology) from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph.D. (political science) from the University of Western Ontario.

Dean Richard Vengroff said "Dr Ismaili will complete the new team in the Dean's Office. He will bring his experience, scholarship and leadership to the oversight of graduate programs, the social sciences and the college as a whole." 

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