Dr. Susan Raines featured in January Issue "Say Yes to Saying No" of Real Simple magazine


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 31, 2017) — Dr. Susan Raines, professor in The School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development is now one of the regular contributors to Real Simple Magazine. Her interviews and advice have appeared in 3 editions of the magazine, including the most recent January edition "Say Yes to Saying No".

The editors of the magazine ask her conflict management questions such as, "How to you handle it if your in-laws want to stay for 2 weeks but 4 days is all you can handle?" or
"How to share good news without annoying people". In the January issue, the questions she answered were: "how best to handle the morning after" and "best news, the worst news, and a huge fight with your spouse".

Dr. Raines has received feedback from several readers of the magazine which shows the importance of the field of conflict management as it relates to wide audiences. 

The most recent article may be found here: https://backissues.realsimple.com/storefront/2017/say-yes-to-saying-no/prodSM20170101.html