Kennesaw State Delegation to Japan


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 20, 2017) The Japanese government through the Japan International Cooperation Center and the Kakehashi Project presented Kennesaw State with the opportunity to send a delegation of 21 graduate students and four faculty members to tour historic sites, meet with government officials, develop business networks with Japanese companies and explore Japanese culture. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences sent students from four programs including the Masters of Arts in Integrated Global Communication, the Ph. D. in International Conflict Management, the Masters of Science in International Policy Management, and the Masters of Public Administration. The visit occurred from March 4th to March 12th, where the KSU delegation visited Tokyo as well as Kaga city and Kanazawa in the Ishikawa Prefecture.

The students were able to see Japanese manufacturing and production in action and meet with the Mayor of Kaga city as well as local Kaga city business owners and CEOs. They also were given the chance to stay at a traditional Japanese-style ryokan (inn) and participate in making traditional handicrafts such as engraving chopsticks and silk dying. The students learned about the Japanese cultural values of punctuality, quality, honor and unity.

From the multitude of cultural and business experiences the KSU delegation participated in, the students and faculty developed an action plan for sharing their experiences and building US-Japanese relationships. The students developed a blog,, where each participant will be posting two blog posts about different pieces of the trip. Additionally, the participants hope to bring more opportunities for US-Japanese partnerships to Kennesaw state by working with the Asian Studies program and the Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta.


Dr. Heeman Kim represented the College of Humanities and Social Sciences as one of the faculty advisors for the KSU delegation.

The following students are members of the delegation to Japan:

• Ph.D. INCM - Dlorah Jenkins; Shea Holland and Jia Min;

• MAIGC - Jared Winston; Marlaina Williams, Meghan de St.Aubin, Chauntrell Brewer and Brianna Gainey;

• MSIPM - Harrison Milne;

• MPA - Kam Ping Yung.