Second Annual German Poetry Contest


KENNESAW, Ga. (Oct 11, 2009) — The German Studies Program held its second annual German Poetry Contest.

Georgia's students of German of all ages and language skill levels were invited to submit their poetry on the topic "Was ist Deutschland?". In recognition of the historical anniversaries Germany is celebrating this year, poems were to address what Germany means to the individual writer.

The winners were chosen by the participants in German Culture Week. Please find the winners, their affiliation and their instructors listed below.

German 2
(Tie for first place):
1. Platz: John Brown, Columbus High (Ricarda Randall)
1. Platz: Rachael Snedigar, Kennesaw State (Susanne Kelley)

German 3
1. Platz: Oozma Siddigui, Mill Creek High (Audrey Callahan)
2. Platz: Bailey Rothermel, Mill Creek High (Audrey Callahan)
3. Platz: Phillip Moran, Mill Creek High (Audrey Callahan)

German 4
1. Platz: Daniel Gunter, Meadowcreek High (Gary Greene)
2. Platz: Andrew Crigler, Kennesaw State (Susanne Kelley)

AP German
1. Platz: Rachel Witt, Mill Creek High (Audrey Callahan)
2. Platz: William Kyle Bradshaw, Hill Creek High (Audrey Callahan)