The Department of Foreign Languages hosted the 4th annual Francophone Film Festival, made possible by a grant from the Tournées Film Festival.


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 2, 2009) — The 4th annual Francophone Film Festival was held February 16-20, 2009. Approximately 450 people attended the weeklong festival. The films were moderated by KSU faculty who introduced the films and conducted post-film question and answer sessions. Since many of the films were very provocative in subject matter, topics of discussion ranged from terrorism to mental illness to sexual promiscuity. The post-film discussions were very lively and interesting and evoked a lot of emotion from the audience.

MOLIERE - February 16, 2009: 7:00PM.  Moderator:  Dr. Cynthia Bowers, Associate Professor of English, Kennesaw State University.

REVES DE POUSSIERE (Dreams of Dust) - February 17, 2009:  7:00PM.  Moderator:  Dr. Samuel Abaidoo, Chair, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Kennesaw State University.

AVANT QUE J'OUBLIE (Before I Forget) - February 18, 2009:  7:00PM.  Moderator:  Dr. Luc Guglielmi, Assistant Professor of French, Kennesaw State University.

L'AVOCAT DE LA TERREUR (Terror's Advocate) - February 19, 2009:  7:00PM.  Moderator:  Dr. John Moran, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Kennesaw State University.

FLANDRES (Flanders) - February 20, 2009:  7:00PM.  Moderator:  Dr. Gerrit Voogt, Associate Professor of History, Kennesaw State University.