Online Political Science Degree Ranked Top 10 by Bachelor Degree Center


KENNESAW, Ga. (Nov 18, 2020) — The College of Humanities and Social Sciences' online bachelor's degree in political science has been ranked in the top 10 best online programs in the country by Bachelors Degree Center

"This is a testament to the hard work and the vision of our faculty in our school," said Dr. Kerwin Swint, Director of the School of Government and International Affairs. "Our school and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences have been pioneers in online learning for over a decade."

Bachelors Degree Center states that the program is one of the best online political science degrees available. They also mention that students who choose this degree learn about the formal institutions and behavior of people in public life. The degree confers the knowledge needed for students who wish to be responsible citizens and those who want to take part in the process of governing. This liberal arts major prepares students for jobs in journalism, international affairs, business, and teaching.

A degree in political science is of value to all persons who take the responsibilities and opportunities of membership in a democratic society seriously. Specifically, political science is the undergraduate major of a majority of persons who attend law school; serves as prerequisite for graduate study in a number of social science disciplines; and is an ideal liberal arts major for careers in business, journalism, public and international affairs, the federal government, state and local government, teaching, interest groups, campaign management, communications, and many others.