We study emotion, and neurobiological factors
that influence how we regulate them.

Welcome to the Affective Neuroscience Lab at Kennesaw State University! Our research examines fear- and anxiety-related behaviors in order to identify biological and psychosocial factors that might impact that ways in which we regulate our emotions.

Our findings have important implications for the treatment of anxiety-related mental health disorders. Learn more about current and past projects by visiting the our Research page. 

Our Latest News

  • Olivia Lauzon, Rose Scott, and Dr.Glover

    Olivia Lauzon and Dr.Glover made their National Public Radio debut!

    Olivia Lauzon and Dr. Glover were invited to do an on air interview for the show "A Closer Look" with Rose Scott! They talked about our research on biological factors associated with women's mental health and Olivia's experience presenting our research on Capitol Hill for the Posters on the Hill event. 

    ​You can catch the interview on the link below. The segment starts at 43 minutes.

  • Dr. Glover at Social & Affective Neuro Society Conference in Brooklyn, NY

    Dr. Glover presented some of our findings at the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society Conference in Brooklyn, NY

    There is some exciting data coming out of the Affective Neuroscience Lab! Dr. Glover recently traveled to Brooklyn, NY for the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society (SANS) Conference to share some interesting findings about the influence of hormonal contraceptives and the reproductive neuromodulators, estrogen and progesterone, on emotion regulation in women compared to men. Check out some pics that were tweeted by the SANS organizers! 

  • Olivia Lauzon with her poster for Posters on the Hill

    Olivia Lauzon debuts our research at Posters on the Hill in Washington, DC!

    For the first time ever, a KSU student was selected to present at the very prestigious and highly competitive undergraduate poster series called "Posters on the Hill". We are so proud to announce that this student is our very own Olivia Lauzon! Way to go Olivia!!!! Click on the button below to read some press about this momentous event.

  • Bianca Sarrecchia presenting at GURD

    Jesse Edmond and Bianca Sarrecchia presented our research at the Georgia Undergraduate Research in Psychology Conference

    The Kennesaw State University Department of Psychology hosted our 17th Annual Georgia Undergraduate Research in Psychology Conference on April 14, 2018. For the 2nd year in a row, Jesse Edmond presented a poster. His poster entitled, "Is Test Anxiety Associated with Emotion Regulation Deficits?" won 2nd place for Best Poster Presentation. Congrats Jesse!


    Amazingly, Bianca Sarrecchia gave both a poster, "Marijuana Use and Emotion Regulation in College Students", and an oral presentation, "Using Fear-potentiated Startle to demonstrate The Relationship Between Childhood Trauma Exposure and Emotional Dysregulation", and did an outstanding job! What a way to represent the Affective Neuroscience Lab at KSU. Congrats! 

    Check out this twitter post for pics!

  • NCUR 2018

    The Affective Neuroscience Lab is making a splash at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research

    Congratulations Jesse Edmond, Bianca Sarrecchia, and Royce Alfred for your outstanding work representing KSU and the Affective Neuroscience Lab at The 2018 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). This year, NCUR was held at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK.


    Jesse gave a fantastic oral presentation entitled, "A Look at Test Anxiety and Drug-use Using Self-report and Biological Data", Bianca gave an outstanding oral presentation entitled, "Fear-Potentiated Startle and Opioid Use", and Royce was a big hit with his poster presentation entitled, "Emotion Regulation, Childhood Abuse, and Alcohol Use Among College Students".  

    Check out some pics and video posted on twitter! Here is a link to a video of Royce addressing a big crowd!