Summer Institute for Conflict Management: Essential Skills for Career and Community Building


Summer Institute in Conflict Management

Kennesaw State University’s School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, and Development is hosting the 2020 Summer Institute for Conflict Management Professionals in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. The Summer Institute is the premier convention of professionals, practitioners, and scholars in mediation, k-12 education, higher education, social work, counseling, legal and courts, individuals who work in restorative practices, or anyone who could benefit by learning conflict management skills in these rich, interactive sessions. Individuals seeking to expand or improve their abilities to engage conflict constructively will find value in these trainings.

The Summer Institute represents a great networking opportunity for working professionals in the field of conflict management and offers a great opportunity to receive continued education or CLE credits.

Hotel Holiday Inn Express
Savannah, GA

Date & Time:
June 2021



“My colleague and I were very grateful for the warm hospitality all of you shared with us. I sensed it was indeed genuine. It is rare that I attend a workshop, or a conference and am made to feel included and appreciated as I did there.” -Larry Logan, Ombudsman Resolution Specialist

“{The Restorative Justice Practices workshop} was simply wonderful. John Lash was great and brought something quite unique to facilitating the class. I appreciate him for the value he brings. He is a great addition to the KSU Conflict Management resources.” -Flora Devine, MSCM Alumni

“The 28-hour General Mediation Training through Kennesaw State University was very timely, engaging and informative. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to learn about real-world conflict management strategies and how to apply to many work and life situations.” -Russell Nicometi, Assistant Principal

“{The 28-hour General Mediation Training} was very accessible and informative…{and} is a MUST if you are considering a career in mediation!” -Melissa

“The mediation conference and training was an exceptional exploration of new skills applicable to both my personal and professional life. Well done!” -William Bo Ford, Jr.


 CCM Summer Institute Pricing

  • Workshop Summaries

    The Summer Institute will have a choice of 3 different workshops taught by conflict management experts. The workshops include 28-Hour General Mediation Training, Restorative Justice Practices, and Ombuds Workshops.

    28-Hour General Mediation Training

    Trainer Susan Raines, Ph.D.

    The first 28 hours of mediation training focuses on an understanding of the mediation process, communication skills, problem-solving skills, agreement writing, and mediation ethics. Mediation skills are taught in a highly interactive format through short lecture, group discussion, focused exercises, and coached role-play. The training is designed to prepare the participant for mediation in civil cases. In addition, this intense four-day experience is designed to hone life skills that can enhance the participant’s ability to interact effectively with others. The training provides an understanding of the theory behind conflict while developing an effective skillset in resolving conflict.

    The training meets general mediation training requirements for registration with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR). In addition, the training is approved for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours (12 regular).

    Participants who complete this training will demonstrate the knowledge and skillset of the mediation process. The importance of confidentiality, understanding the ethics, regulations, practices and policies of mediation and the recognition of diversity issues in mediation.

    Who should take this course?

    • Individuals interested in working on court cases.
    • Individuals interested in being registered neutrals with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.
    • Individuals desiring a clear and concise understanding of communication, and resolving conflicts.

    Restorative Justice Practices

    Trainer John Lash, Executive Director of the Georgia Conflict Center

    Restorative Justice Introduction / Refresher

    A general overview of Restorative Justice, including the underlying philosophy, how to implement in various environments, and practice in facilitation of circles for conflict, community building, support, and other situations. Participants will plan and deliver circles relevant to their work environment and will receive coaching and feedback focused on improvement. 

    Advanced Restorative Justice

    Join experienced practitioners for a deep dive into the nitty gritty of applying restorative practices in your workplace. This participant driven workshop will include a wide array of topics, including: system design, in-depth circle design, network building, difficult facilitation situations, and more. This workshop is intended for those with a grounding in restorative practices who are implementing or planning to implement restorative approaches to conflict and harm.

    Who should attend this training?

    • Teachers / Administrators /Special Education
    • Youth Serving Organizations
    • School Counselors, School Psychologists
    • Social Workers
    • School Resource Officers
    • Juvenile Practitioners in Criminal Justice
    • Other professionals who wish to incorporate peacemaking circles to build community and respond non-punitively to harm at their school/organization/agency.

    Learning Objectives

    • How to structure Implementation of Restorative Justice in organizations
    • Participants will have the opportunity to practice designing and keeping circles - both to build community and respond to harm - receiving feedback on their skills and an informal assessment of their readiness to apply circles to their work.
    • Drills and mock scenarios will draw from real life situations and will provide examples of the use of the process in schools, families, communities, and the justice system.
    • Participants will be introduced to the range of formal and informal interventions available as alternatives to punitive discipline and will explore how to integrate circle practices with existing policies and systems.

    Ombuds Workshops 

    Coordinated by Dr. Timothy Hedeen, Professor in Conflict Management

    Institute participants will learn:

    1. Strategies for Raising Concerns about Abrasive Behavior in Organizations 
      led by Kirsi Aulin, University of Colorado at Boulder

    2. Demystifying Ombuds Work by Presenting Data for Impact
      led by Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

    3. The 2020 Survey: Insights and Implications for Contemporary Practice 
      led by Jennifer Schneider, Univ. of South Florida & Timothy Hedeen, Kennesaw State University

    4. A cooperatively-designed "unconference" for participants to engage around their most pressing topics and interests


    • Training/


      Early Bird /
      After April 15, 2020

    • 28-Hour General Mediation Training
      Susan Raines
       $900 / $1100
    • Intro to Restorative Justice Practices
      John Lash, MSCM
       $700 / $800
    • Advanced Restorative Justice Practices
      John Lash, MSCM
      $500 / $600
    • Ombuds Workshops
      Kirsi Aulin, Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, Jennifer Schneider, & Timothy Hedeen
       $400 / $450
    • Combo Intro to Restorative Justice & Advanced
      $1100 / $1200
    • Combo Intro to Restorative Justice & Ombuds
      $1000 / $1200


  • Location: 
    Holiday Inn Express
    Savannah, GA 

    Date & Time:
    June 2021


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Contact Information:
Ellen Lahtinen / email: / Phone: (470) 578-6115

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