Student Teaches with United Nations

 Brittany Foutz makes impact on human trafficking efforts
Brittany Foutz, PhD student in International Conflict Management

Brittany Foutz makes impact on human trafficking efforts

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 30, 2019) — Kennesaw State University doctoral student Brittany Foutz, who researches human trafficking issues, recently taught a course with the United Nations University, a global think tank and graduate teaching organization.

Foutz was selected from thousands of applicants globally to teach the United Nations University course, “Human Trafficking in One of the Biggest Hubs,” which focuses on Atlanta metro area’s efforts for human trafficking victims, in partnership with the International Criminal Court’s Trust Fund for Victims. 

Offered through the UN University’s partnership at the University of Phillipines in Cebu, the course served delegates from the United Nations Global Regional Centres of Expertise locations. She presented her insight during the 11th Global Regional Centres of Expertise World Conference in December.

The course focused on research addressing how the use of reparation mechanisms affect the satisfaction of human trafficking victims.

Foutz, who is earning her Ph.D. in Conflict Management, was also awarded a $5,000 United Nations Research Grant to conduct dissertation research in The Hague, Netherlands beginning this month, studying the International Criminal Court. For Foutz, this brings her research full circle since her interest in human trafficking research began when she watched trials at the International Criminal Court and began to research the stories behind these cases.

Foutz’s research focused on the Atlanta metro area's efforts for human trafficking victims and her study and expertise on the International Criminal Court's Trust Fund for Victims reparation cases of victims from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“It's a fascinating topic because even though it’s international, it has so many domestic and local comparisons. One area that the United Nations Regional Center of Expertise of Atlanta focuses on is human trafficking victims, which has become a fast-growing criminal enterprise and, unfortunately, a major problem in the Atlanta metro area. Sometimes when we are looking abroad to make a difference in the world, we don't realize that we can make a difference in our own backyard,” Foutz said.

– Andrea Judy

Photos by Lauren Kress