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  • Through the 365 Days of Learning & Service initiative, RCHSS students, faculty, and staff participate in learning and volunteer activities that address housing insecurity and increase awareness about the experience of being unhoused.

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Past RCHSS Diversity Events 

  • Hatch Diversity Event
  • Acosta Diversity Event
  • Oct29

    This lecture will examine the relationship between elite and grassroots methods of political participation among Hip-Hop artists and industry elites as a part of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Specifically, this lecture examines elite and grassroots methods of participation through the cases studies of four central cases of the Black Lives Matter movement, the cases of Michael Brown (Ferguson, Missouri), Eric Garner (Staten Island, NY), Freddie Gray (Baltimore) and Sandra Bland (Hempstead, Texas). Through the observation of these cases studies, Hip-Hop culture has been highly involved in the BLM movement utilizing both elite and grassroots methods of political participation.

    How to join: Open Zoom, enter the meeting ID 923 0326 1674 and enter the passcode KJ0kB7

  • Nov6

    Throughout the history of the social sciences, scholars have raised questions about the distribution of power and resources in society. While class distinctions were the most evident foci engaged by the "celebrated fathers of sociology," the work of sociologists like W.E. B. Dubois called upon the discipline to complicate discussions about social class differences by examining the dominance of structural barriers preventing individuals from attaining and living out the "values" of a society. DuBois helped to lay the foundation for exploring what it means to live in a society where race regulates social interactions and access to power. This talk will discuss the myriad ways social scientists have interrogated the intersectional spaces occupied by marginalized communities and how their contributions have created a vocabulary and advocacy agenda for social justice engagement.

    How to join: Click here and enter the passcode Diversity2

  • TPThe College of Humanities and Social Sciences is hosting a series of events on diversity. As part of that series, we will be talking to Dr. Tracie Stewart, Professor of Psychological Science, about her research on unconscious bias in the workplace. The discussion will be featured as the November episode of Thought Provoking, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences podcast that focuses on faculty research.

    We’ll learn how researchers like Dr. Stewart test what biases we may have –  and how they go about capturing biases we didn’t even know we have. Can we actually rewire our brain to be less biased? We’ll find out and we’ll examine whether training or workplace policies can completely eliminate bias in the workplace, or can some policies actually make it worse? Finally, Dr. Stewart will tell us what we can do personally to help reduce bias at work.

    It will be released Nov. 17.

  • This project engages 100 undergraduate and graduate students from Hassan II University Casablanca with 100 undergraduate students from Kennesaw State University in a unique cross-cultural virtual exchange experience focused on better understanding women’s leadership through research, analysis, and digital storytelling. The virtual classroom-based project collects biographical stories of successful women leaders in both countries and publishes selected stories online.

    The project provides participating students with a better understanding of the challenges and obstacles that exist towards increasing women’s rights and leadership roles in society. Students not only gain a learning experience around the topic of women’s leadership, but they also advance their abilities to work in international and intercultural contexts as they develop the intercultural competency needed in today’s global society.

    Students who successfully complete the project receive a Certificate of Completion from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) CIFAL Atlanta Office in recognition of their effective international collaboration, intercultural competence, teamwork, and problem-solving skills on issues such as achieving gender equality that are directly related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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