Inaugurated in Fall 2011, the RCHSS Dean's Lecture Series showcases the research and creative activity of full-time tenured and tenure-track professors in the College. The series offers an opportunity for intellectual exchange across a variety of academic disciplines, scholarly subjects, and issues. The presentations selected for the series are thought-provoking, have broad appeal, and further the KSU commitment to excellence in scholarly and creative work.

Light refreshments will be available 15 minutes before start of the lecture. Lectures are 45-minutes in duration, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session, held in room 5074 in the Social Sciences building from 3:30pm-5:00pm. We hope to see you there!


Upcoming Events

  • Speaker: Dr. Amanda Reinke, Assistant Professor of Conflict Management

    Description TBA


    As part of the Dean's Lecture Series, Dr. Amanda Reinke, assistant professor of Conflict Management, presented her research on "The Red Tape of Disasters" in December. 

  • Speaker: Dr. Emily Scheinfeld, Assistant Professor of Communication

    During the COVID pandemic, when people were forced into isolation due to social distancing protocol, people turned to social media in order to feel connected to friends and family, stay informed, and receive vital information. Seeing our friends’ and family’s posts during this time, however, can also have negative impact, like creating feelings of missing out if we see them having fun individually in isolation or with others (despite public health requirements). Seeing others break protocol on social media can also impact our own intention to engage in healthy behaviors. And lastly, social media can create a feeling of dissatisfaction with our relationships if we are constantly in opposition, or perceive ourselves to be, with our friends and family over issues like health, and in turn politics, which can result in ending relationships online and in real life.

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  • Speaker: Dr. Jack Labriola, Assistant Professor of Technical Communication

    Description TBD

  • Speaker: Dr. Amy Dunagin, Assistant Professor of History

    Italian castrati fascinated and titillated English observers from their earliest appearance in England around the turn of the eighteenth century. These men stood at the center of a fierce national debate over Italian opera, in which they functioned as embodiments of opera’s most alarming traits--its perceived foreignness, excessiveness, and eroticism.  Castrati provoked anxieties about gender ambiguity, sexuality, and effeminacy at a time when conceptions of gender and sex were undergoing profound change.  I argue that the linkage of castrati to cultural emasculation developed in England in connection with politicized and gendered disputes over English national identity. 

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  • Speaker: Dr. Minhao Dai, Assistant Professor of Communication

    This presentation will discuss two important aspects of diverse and inclusive research, including the collaborations between researchers with diverse backgrounds and expertise and research design that reflects and embraces diversity. The presentation will draw from several presenter’s published articles and discuss three collaborative research projects with computer science, engineering, and health services. The presentation aims to offer insightful observations and suggestions for those who are interested in working with a diverse group of collaborators and those who wanted to ensure more inclusion in their existing research.

    Register to attend virtually or join us in SO 5074 from 3:30pm-5:00pm!