2018-2019 Using TILT Framework for Assignment Redesign

Small Interventions to Support Student Retention: Using TILT Framework for Assignment Redesign

Based on the research conducted by UNLV researchers, the TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) method for assignment redesign provides faculty with the tools to make a small intervention in their teaching that will lead to significant gains in student success.  In the Spring 2019 workshops, CHSS faculty participants learned the TILT method for assignment redesign, focusing on clearly identifying the purpose, task, and criteria of each assignment.  When faculty provide greater transparency in assignment design, “students are more likely to experience greater academic success with that assignment, developing the knowledge, disposition, and skills necessary to succeed both at school and in life” (Winkelmes et. al, Peer Review 2016).  (For more information on the TILT method, please follow this link: https://www.aacu.org/peerreview/2016/winter-spring/Winkelmes)

Please find below some exemplary assignments from the Spring 2019 faculty participants. 

Research and Writing Assignments

Multimodal Assignments