Pilcher Vestibule Grand Opening

Left to right: Carmen Skaggs, Patricia Tilbian, Noah McLaughlin, Richard Rhodes, and David Evans

Deans, Facilities, Faculty and Staff Attend

KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 28, 2018) — Department of Foreign Language faculty and staff attended a brief ceremony on Tuesday, August 28, hosted by the Director of the Foreign Language Resource Collection, Noah McLaughlin, to celebrate the grand opening of a renovated entrance to Pilcher Service Building, the long-time home of the department. They were joined by many members of the Sturgis Library staff, as well as faculty from the CHSS Dean's Office, and special guests who were instrumental in transforming the dark and shuttered hallway into a vibrant entrace where students gather and the walls showcase the events and accomplishment of the Department of Foreign Languages.

Dr. McLaughlin took a few minutes during the event to thank the team of people that helped make his vision a reality:

  • David Evans, Assistant Vice President & Dean of Library Services 
  • Carmen Skaggs, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Associate Deanof Academic Support
  • Patricia Tilbian, Coordinator of the Foreign Language Resource Collection
  • Richard Rhodes, Director of Facility Design and Construction Services

The present-day vestibule had once been part of the Sturgis Library's main entrance, but after the 2016 renovations, it was shuttered, becoming a dark, one-way fire escape for Pilcher Service Building. Today, a covered terrace sports banners promoting the Department of Foreign Languages and the Foreign Language Resource Collection, along with tables and chairs for snacking and studying. Inside, bright new lights and a fresh coat of paint in Kennesaw black and gold highlight acrylic signs and other displays that advertise the department's events and accomplishments.

The space is still a dynamic work in progress. Dr. McLaughlin hopes to bring musical events to the terrace and work with department faculty to create new exhibits in the vestibule's various displays.