Study Abroad

Kennesaw State University offers more than 50 faculty-led study abroad programs in over 40 countries, as well as many foreign exchange and international internship opportunities.

Faculty wishing to propose a study abroad program should visit the Education Abroad website for detailed information on the process and timing for submitting proposals.

As part of the formal proposal review process, the RCHSS International Committee, made up of representatives from each department and school, reviews each proposal confirmed as a complete and timely submission by DGA to make prioritization recommendations to the Dean. Informed by the RCHSS International Committee’s prioritization, the RCHSS Dean will submit program recommendations for the college to the university’s Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee. The Division of Global Affairs will confirm the final program approval decisions.

This rubric, which is used by the RCHSS International Committee to review and prioritize programs, may be a helpful guide as you finalize your study abroad proposal.