Our Mission

With its mission rooted in interdisciplinary teaching, scholarship, and community service; and with a special focus on cultural and international subjects, the ISD stands in a unique position to contribute to the University’s mission of diversity and community outreach.

The programs within the ISD share a commitment to interdisciplinary learning and scholarship, critical cultural analysis, intersectionality, transnational perspectives, and public engagement.

The ISD Profile

ISD's eleven programs draw on departments all across the campus. Faculty members collaborate to teach students new approaches to subjects and encourage out-of-the-box thinking and experimentation while also grounding them in solid research and presentation skills.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well asBachelor of Arts in African & African Diaspora Studies and Asian Studies. ISD also offersa Master of Arts in American Studies, andminors in African & African Diaspora Studies,American Studies, Asian Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies, Latin American & Latino Studies, Leadership Studies, Native American & Indigenous Studies, Peace Studies, and Religious Studies. The department is home to the Peace Corps Prep and Stevens Initiative Women's Leadership Programs, the general education course "Perspectives on the World of Work (PERS 2700)" and the Science, Technology, and Society (STS 1101) course.

ISD Values

ISD faculty and staff are committed to the following, among other values:

  • Appreciating diverse points-of-view
  • Exploring from multiple perspectives
  • Collaborating in innovative ways
  • Engaging communities locally and globally
  • Teaching critical thinking skills and research methodologies
  • Encouraging ethical relationships