Start the MAPW Capstone Proposal

Initiate the Capstone Process

The Capstone Project needs to start at your Capstone Proposal and must be approved before you may register for PRWR 7960 MAPW Capstone Project. 

Petition to Graduate

Complete and Submit the Petition to Graduate through Owl Express. See the Petition to Graduate Process here.

Complete the Capstone Proposal

  • Faculty who have been your instructors and who will, consequently, know you and your work are much more likely to be willing to work with you than those who don't know you at all. It is composed of two members of the MAPW faculty. Preferably, both members, but at least one member, must teach in your concentration. The faculty who have agreed to be on capstone committees are responsible for advising the student in terms of:

    • drafting, completing, and filing the Capstone Proposal before the last day of classes in the semester before the student enrolls in PRWR7960: MAPW Capstone Project;
    • suggesting and discussing the capstone's focus and format;
    • suggesting and discussing the introductory essays’ focus, shape, and content;
    • suggesting a reading list or avenue of research, if needed;
    • arranging and/or approving a timeline for the student's completion of research, documents, or media presentations; and
    • reviewing and amending the schedule of tasks and the timeline and monitoring the schedule and timeline, taking into account the official incomplete policy in the Graduate Catalog.

    Faculty who have agreed to be on capstone committees are also responsible for facilitating the completion of the capstone by:

    • reading drafts of documents, annotating the drafts with suggestions or corrections, and suggesting revision in the writing;
    • conferencing with the student in terms of specific tasks in the timeline for completing the capstone;
    • conferencing with the student regarding theoretical issues and/or readings attendant to the capstone;
    • reading and approving the final draft of the capstone; 
    • advising about and approving the public presentation of the capstone; and
    • signing and distributing all attendant documents on time. 
  • The committee members may want to see your proposal before agreeing to be on your committee, so writing the proposal may actual be the first step in the capstone process for some.

    The proposal must include the following:

    1. Detailed statement of the rationale for the capstone project;
    2. List of the parts of the project (including the introductory essay);
    3. Plan for the revision and/or production of the parts of the project;
    4. Detailed timeline for the completion of the parts of the project, which will include the dates when the student will give committee members work and the dates when faculty will return the student's work  with comments;
    5. Detailed plan for how the student will get advice from committee members and for how the student will respond to that advice (i.e., face-to-face, via email, etc.); and
    6. Cover sheet.

    Note: Your committee members may want you to revise portions or perhaps even rewrite the whole proposal before signing it.

Submit the Capstone Proposal and Cover Sheet

Once your committee approves your proposal, complete the Capstone Project Proposal Cover Sheet and attach the proposal (see button below) before or on the last day of class of the semester before the one in which you plan on beginning your capstone project (see chart below).

Submit Your Capstone Proposal and Cover Sheet here
  • Capstone Proposal Submission Deadlines to Enroll in Following Semester
  • Summer 2023 
    Fall 2023
    Spring 2024
  • May 1, 2023
    July 24, 2023
    December 4, 2023

After you've submitted the proposal, the Program Coordinator will enter an override for you so that you may enroll in PRWR 7960: MAPW Capstone Project. The capstone class will always be listed as closed, and you have to register this way with the overrides in place.  

You must enroll in PRWR 7960 each semester during which you're working on the capstone and enter three (3) or six (6) credit hours.