The CHSS Office of Digital Education is dedicated to supporting faculty in making their course materials accessible. The following resources are available to faculty in our college. 

  • Tammy and Stephen are available for accessibility support year-round. Make an appointment by emailing the ODE at

  • Our student assistants are trained and available for accessibility support part-time during the semesters. Make an appointment by emailing the ODE at

  • Our former student assistant, Brayden, created a 1-2 hour micro-training on accessibility. The training will cover the basics of what is expected of faculty and how to make it happen. 

    Access the Training
  • Tutorials for accessibility can be accessed from our tutorials and resources page

    If you would like to assess your own course, check out our Accessibility Checklist!

  • The Digital Learning Innovations team at CETL supports limited caption editing services for MediaSpace videos. 

    To qualify for this service, faculty must complete all steps of the following process:

    1. Ensure that all videos are posted in MediaSpace. If they are not, please follow the Uploading to MediaSpace tutorial.
    2. Ensure that videos are no longer than 15 minutes. If videos need to be split into 15-minute chunks, please follow the Chunking Videos in MediaSpace tutorial.
    3. Ensure that the videos are in English (please see below for videos that are primarily in other languages). 
    4. Ensure that your videos are set to unlisted in MediaSpace. You can review steps 1 - 4 of our Sharing in MediaSpace tutorial if you are unfamiliar with the process. 
    5. Fill out the Digital Learning Innovation's Caption Edit Request Form. You can list as many videos as you want to, but make sure to separate the titles with a comma (,), period (.), or semicolon (;). 

    Department of Foreign Language faculty can have their captions edited by tutors in the Foreign Language Resource Center. However, if you would like to caption your own videos that are primarily in a language other than English, follow the Captioning Non-English Video tutorial that Sam designed. Sam is also available for consultations. Please contact Tammy or Stephen if you would like to discuss accessibility in non-English classes with Sam.