Online Course Development Funding

Applications for Online Course Development Funding are now closed. 

Course development due: May 11, 2020

Following the productive 2019 KSU Student Success initiative to build new online courses, the college has decided to extend the incentivization program through June 2020. Selected faculty will receive $2,500 of summer supplemental pay upon submission of a fully built, ready-to-teach online course. As with the 2019 program, the current initiative is open to ALL 9-month CHSS faculty including those who have already been through online training.

Faculty who are new to online education are required to go through the Build a Web Course (BWC) Workshop either before or while they are building their courses, as a college-level requirement. Please check the CHSS ODE website for workshop information and applications.

Part-time faculty are also eligible to participate in this initiative, but priority is given to permanent 9-month faculty. Part-time faculty should communicate with their chair/director to determine eligibility and any restrictions.

All classes submitted for this funding must be new classes that have not been previously taught in the online format by the submitting instructor. This does not mean the created course must be a new prep. In fact, we greatly discourage the creation of online versions of courses not previously taught by the instructor. Faculty must produce a class that they have never taught in the online modality but may have taught in the traditional face-to-face format. The only exceptions are new master courses. Those interested in creating master courses should consult with their chair/director first.

All courses must:

  • be submitted in their final form on May 11, 2020 for review by the CHSS ODE and your chair/director.
  • meet all 28 standards of the KSU Course Quality Checklist for compensation.
  • meet accessibility standards according to the Faculty Four of Accessible Development.
  • be developed with a weekly module organization pattern.
  • NOT be developed entirely or primarily using publisher resources (i.e. if you use publisher resources such as Connect, you must also develop the course using your own instruction and assessments--as would be done in the face-to-face classroom).

In addition, all courses for which compensation is being received must be taught at least once by Spring 2021. Faculty should check with their chairs/directors and department schedulers to determine if this teaching schedule is logistically possible.  

At the link below, you will find an "Application for Online Course Development Funding" that must be submitted to your chair/director by Friday, September 13th. This is a competitive funding opportunity; submission of an application does not ensure approval or compensation.

If you have any questions concerning this Student Success initiative, please feel free to contact Stephen Bartlett at 470-578-2280 or