Get Started without D2L Access!

Welcome to KSU! While you may not have access to D2L yet, that's okay! This workshop is designed for you. The tools and knowledge you gain easily transfer to any course built in D2L.

The "Build a Web Course Workshop" is normally an eight-week workshop with eight modules. We have redesigned it with a one-day bootcamp that covers four of the weeks in one day.

You'll find the contents of the next four modules here. Near the bottom of this page, you will find a series of four modules, one for each week of the workshop. Read through the module objectives. Each module contains a series of activities and tutorials and, every time you complete one successfully, you will receive a certificate. Save each certificate, plus your assignments in a folder. 

Keep a folder on your computer desktop that is named your last name dot training. For example, if your name is Jane Smith, you would call it Smith.Training.

When you complete a certificate, put it in your folder. When you complete an assignment, put your assignment in the folder. Zip the file at the end of the workshop and email the zip file to us to be issued an official certificate from the RCHSS ODE to show you have completed the "Build a Web Course Workshop." 

Let's start by introducing ourselves on the Padlet. A virtual sticky note will appear, and you can share your introduction there. 

Next, move through module one, where you will explore course design, verifiable verbs, and Start Here modules.