Welcome to Module 2!


    1. Explain the importance of transparency in creating effective learning experiences. 
    2. Use SoftChalk to develop organized, engaging, and interactive course lessons.
    3. Evaluate whether SoftChalk is appropriate for your course and teaching style.
    4. Use LearningApps to develop ungraded self-assessment activities.
    5. Consider the importance of providing students with opportunities for ungraded feedback.
    6. Use VoiceThread to develop engaging course content and activities.
    7. Consider the innovative ways that KSU faculty use VoiceThread and whether any of those ways are appropriate for your course and teaching style.
  • Complete the activities below! Make sure you save your certificates and documents to your training folder as you go along!

    • Assignment Name
      What do I do with it?
    • SoftChalk

      Woody Allen famously said, "Eighty percent of success is showing up." Thomas Alva Edison famously stated, "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."

      One of the best methods of succeeding is planning to succeed. Online classes are flexible, but they still require you to schedule your time wisely. Think about your weeks this semester. How will you organize your time to complete this workshop?

      Please complete this lesson BEFORE attempting the assignment.

    • Word

      Now, create your own schedule for this workshop--what will be your schedule to complete the Summer Training A Workshop--using the MS Word template. Remember, this schedule is not every week of the semester. It is one general schedule for one week.

      Put this assignment in your folder, and labeled ScheduleAssignment.LastName

    •  SoftChalk
      Read “Equity of Access and Equity of Experience in Higher Education” to learn about the Transparent Teaching Philosophy.

      Then, take the quiz and save the certificate to your training folder. 

      Please input a user identifier on the first page. This will allow you to start the training and return later. You can use your name, your email, or something else you will remember. 

    •  SoftChalk
      Complete the lesson to learn about LearningApps and why we recommend using them! Then, create your own activity. Paste the link to your activity into a Word document and write a blurb about how you might use it in your class, including any necessary context. Finally, save this document to your training folder.  
    • Watch the video to learn how to comment on a VoiceThread. Then, access the KSU Course Quality Checklist VoiceThread activity and complete the activity. KSU faculty and staff can sign into VoiceThread with their NetID and password. (The activity will prompt you to sign in before you comment.)
    •  SoftChalk
      Complete the lesson and consider how you might use VoiceThread in your classes!


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