Faculty & Course Certifications

Faculty Certification

  1. Faculty designing online courses must be certified through appropriate KSU pathways (RCHSS ODE Build a Web Course Workshop or DLI Online Course Design Workshop—faculty who were certified to teach under QM are grandfathered in).  
  2. Faculty teaching hybrid courses must be certified through the RCHSS ODE Building and Teaching Hybrids (BATH) workshop or the Build a Web Course Workshop.
  3. Faculty facilitating template courses must be certified through the asynchronous online RCHSS ODE Template Course Instructor Training or the DLI Online Course Facilitation Program.
  4. Faculty new to KSU who have been certified in online pedagogy through a previous institution may ask their chair/director to submit an exemption form for registration as certified at KSU. The ODE will review the form for exemption. 


Course Certification

The Curriculum and Academic Innovation Office has been charged with ensuring that all digital course content is accessible and provides sustained instructor interaction. The following courses are currently certified according to the standards set by the Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 


Faculty Certification - Training Exemption Form (for Chair/Director Use Only)

The ODE recognizes that new faculty members may be hired with previous training to teach and/or build online courses. In these cases, chairs/directors may submit this form to request that these faculty members be exempt from taking the required online training provided by KSU.

Note: This form is only for new faculty hired with previous online training and should only be filled out by a chair/director. The ODE will contact the department chair/school director with a final confirmation of faculty status shortly after the form is submitted.

Online Training Exemption Form