Asynchronous Online Courses

Each RCHSS department/school has determine its own review process for asynchronous online courses. Please use your department's link below to submit your course for review. 

Please only submit one class per form. If you are teaching multiple classes that need to be reviewed, submit multiple forms. 

Hybrid Courses & Synchronous Online Courses

Per RCHSS process, the DLI will review all hybrid courses and all synchronous online courses. Please submit your hybrid course or synchronous online course below. 

If you teach multiple hybrid formats (i.e. 33%, 50%, 66%), please fill out a form for each. 

Hybrid Course Review Request Form

Faculty Certification - Training Exemption Form (for Chair/Director Use Only)

The ODE recognizes that new faculty members may be hired with previous training to teach and/or build online courses. In these cases, chairs/directors may submit this form to request that these faculty members be exempt from taking the required online training provided by KSU.

Note: This form is only for new faculty hired with previous online training and should only be filled out by a chair/director. The ODE will contact the department chair/school director with a final confirmation of faculty status shortly after the form is submitted.

Online Training Exemption Form