Quality Courses

KSU Course Quality Checklist

RCHSS endeavors to offer high quality courses in online environments. To do so, RCHSS has adopted the KSU Course Quality Checklist, a set of standards created by experts in the field of online education and vetted by various faculty groups, including the KSU Faculty Senate. Faculty are invited to use the checklist to self-assess their own courses—and to include the findings of that assessment in their ARDs as evidence of their scholarly approach to teaching. Alternatively, faculty may ask an instructional designer or a faculty colleague to evaluate the courses using the checklist as a guide. Such peer-evaluations of courses can also be included in a faculty member’s ARD. See the links on the left side of this page to access the printable and digital versions of this checklist. 

Principal (aka Master) Courses

Considering the increasing volume of students and faculty workload concerns, RCHSS has developed guidelines for the creation of master (model) courses. Read the definition and policy on principal courses (formerly known as Master "Courses"), or view the ODE's Principal Course Instructor Certification Course

Online Course Quality Reviews

For Existing Online Courses

Online courses in RCHSS will be reviewed with the KSU Course Quality Checklist. Courses may be submitted for review at any point, though faculty will be alerted six months before their specified review deadline. Once alerted, faculty must complete the form below. 

For Newly Developed Online Courses

Faculty developing new courses must fill out the form below at least three months prior to the first semester the course is to be offered. 

Course Quality Review Request Form

Need assistance? Please contact Tammy Powell (tpowel25@kennesaw.edu) or Stephen Bartlett (sbartlet@kennesaw.edu).