Dr. Tamara Powell (ODE Director) and Mr. Stephen Bartlett (ODE Associate Director) are leading members in the field of online, distance, and digital education. Since 2010, our office has been recognized both internationally and nationally for our service and research. 

Award-Winning Workshops

Our "Build a Web Course Workshop" won the 2010 Sloan C Award for Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching and 2015 Online Learning Consortium Awards for Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning: Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching. Our "Building and Teaching Hybrids" (BATH) certification course won third place in the 2019 Softchalk Lesson Challenge, while our "Introduction to Open Educational Resources" won 2nd Place in the 2020 Softchalk Lesson Challenge. Additionally, the ODE supports instructors aiming to reduce course costs for their students through the Affordable Materials grants, awarded by Affordable Learning Georgia. The ODE has been involved in 22 successful grants submitted by RCHSS faculty, which have saved students an estimated $8,151,206.54, university-wide. 

Conference Outreach

In 2010, the ODE was awarded Best Paper at the Second International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning for the paper "Delivering Effective Faculty Training: A Course and Methods to Prepare Faculty to Teach Online," and, in 2018, the office was recognized with the Best in Track Award at the Online Learning Consortium for our "Leadership and Institutional Strategies" presentation.

Most recently, we were awarded Best Paper at the Thirteenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (2021) for "Student Success Innovations vs. Faculty Workload Concerns: How to Find a Balance for Success," a paper that discusses research we conducted in our Student Success Workshop. You can watch the presentation for more information on our findings.

Mitigating Pandemic Panic Through International Service

To help mitigate pandemic panic, members of the ODE team participated in several international efforts that provided assistance and education for over 1,000 educators across K12 and Higher Education. Dr. Tamara Powell partnered with colleagues to lead workshops for educators in Morocco and Ethiopia. EduEthiopia resulted in the EduEthiopia Workspace, a collaborative effort between the ODE team, Dr. Solomon Negash from the Coles College of Business, and various educators around the world. The workspace was originally designed to be a real-time collaboration space that demonstrated how instructors could host course materials on open-source and free sites like PBWiki.