The ODE is committed to bolstering student success through a number of collaborative, researched-based initiatives. We cultivate resources to empower students in their abilities on their journey to becoming contributing citizens in a globalized society. Below are links to a number of our projects. 

Our primary focus over the current academic year has been on increasing student engagement in their Radow College classes. Most notably, our instructional design team has created and launched 20 interactive presentations, created with Articulate Presentation software. We have also worked with Radow College administrators to develop the Effective D2L Use and Timely Announcements project, which was launched in Fall 2021 and will continue into the upcoming academic year (AY 22-23).

We are also currently working on and supporting four different Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) grants awarded to Radow College faculty. These grants help eliminate and reduce course material costs for students by providing low-cost and no-cost Open Educational Resources (OER). Per ALG's estimates, Radow College faculty have been awarded 29 grants, contributing to KSU's total impact of saving 72,764 students a cumulative $10,982,315.26. 

Below, we have curated a number of resources to help you and your students. Check out our articulate presentations, grant projects, D2L resources, and the research we have collected and published on all of our initiatives! 



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    Global Impact

    The ODE is committed to sharing what we have learned with the international communities of higher education and digital learning. Check out a select few of our publications and presentations to see our global impact.