Student Success Initiative

Welcome to the ODE's Student Success Initiative landing page! The following materials have developed with your students in mind, and draw on the latest research to help them succeed. 

Learn more about our project at our Student Success (self-paced) Workshop, or check out the cool tools below!

Video not working? Check out the Introduction to our Student Success page!

Communicating with your Students

Make sure your students are aware of important dates and information by effectively using the D2L Announcement feature. Our college has created sample announcements you are free to use. You can copy these announcements from Effectively Using the D2L Announcements Tool and paste them into your course!

Want to make sure your students know how to forward their announcements to their emails? Share this helpful video with them!

Developing Skills for Success

Below are Articulate Storyline 360 presentations on various topics that you can insert in your D2L course. These presentations have quizzes embedded in them. If you would like to preview the presentation, check out the "Review360 Links."

There are two ways to share these presentations with your students. If you want students to present you with proof of completion, link to the presentations on OwlTrain (see the links below). Set up an assignment dropbox in D2L for each presentation that you wish to obtain results from and tell students to put their certificates of completion in the dropbox. If you only wish to use these as ungraded self-assessments, you can link to the OwlTrain presentations and let students know it is simply a self-assessment. (Please note: We are still working on transferring our trainings to the OwlTrain platform, so check back at a later date if it appears we are missing a specific training you are interested in using.)

Finally, if you are planning on syncing the students' quiz scores to your D2L grade book, download the zipped files (also called SCORM packages) in the section labeled "SCORM Packages" and follow our tutorial to properly insert the files into your D2L course. You may wish to delete the current uploads and reload the current files at the start of each semester to ensure you have the most current version. 

There are tons of ways to use SCORM packages in your course! Check out Tammy's video tour of her course to see how she uses them. 

Are you using SCORMs in a cool way? Let us know! 

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our ODE staff!

In Academic Environments

Below are presentations that apply in most disciplines. Help your students cultivate skills like note taking and time management!

In Specific Disciplines

Below are presentations designed with specific disciplines in mind. Check back soon for more presentations!