Build a Web Course Workshop

Facilitators: Dr. Tammy Powell and Mr. Stephen Bartlett

The Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences Office of Digital Education is now accepting applications for its award-winning Build a Web Course Workshop to assist faculty in building high quality online and hybrid courses.

KSU faculty who attend all workshop sessions, complete all online modules, participate in all activities, and build a start here module plus four content modules of an online or hybrid course to quality standards by the due date will receive a certificate to indicate their successful completion.

Please note: completing this workshop successfully will earn you a certificate.

This course will cover online learning theory, andragogy and pedagogy, accessibility, best practices in course development, advanced D2L and other instructional technologies, research-based quality standards, effective online course design, technology to make life easier, copyright, cheating prevention, open educational resources, and many other topics.

The workshop will include an 8-hour online synchronous "bootcamp", along with four intensive weeks of online work including two mandatory 1-on-1 meetings with one of the facilitators.

To sign up, fill out the Microsoft Form using the link below. You can also use this Microsoft Form to sign up for other trainings/workshops, but the Build a Web Course Workshop is listed as the all day bootcamp. You must complete the bootcamp to be eligible for the four weeks of asynchronous work.  

Sign up here!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tammy (, Stephen (, or Brayden (