Passport To Success

The Passport to Success program will provide CHSS students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed while at KSU and after graduation. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in various activities that will support their growth into critical thinkers, imaginative leaders, and engaged citizens who are well-prepared for their future careers.   The program will build on a student's academic work while engaging them in activities and experiences that will strengthen their leadership abilities.  Activities will be offered in various formats and at various times in an attempt to accommodate the challenging schedules of our CHSS students.

The program will provide CHSS students with:

  • Leadership Development opportunities
  • Access to events and programs that will set them apart from other students
  • Connections to leaders at KSU and in the larger community 
  • The opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences that will deepen and expand a student's growth (Students will engage in project-based learning and community-based learning assignments and will be encouraged to participate in an internship.)
  • Resources that will contribute to a CHSS student's long-term success