Our Mission

The Department of Psychological Science offers an undergraduate program that provides students with opportunities for personal, professional, and intellectual development. Courses in the psychology program teach students about both the scientific and applied areas of the field. To begin the major, all students complete the introductory course in psychology, a course in human development, and a course on careers in psychology. This is followed by a series of classes emphasizing statistics, research methodology, and scientific writing. Students then complete upper-level courses that represent four foundational areas of the field of psychology. Students continue to enrich their knowledge of psychology by taking electives that align with their unique interests and career goals. Students may take a broad array of electives or develop specialized knowledge in fields such as developmental psychology, multicultural psychology, experimental psychology, neuropsychology, or counseling/clinical psychology. Last, the Senior Capstone experience provides closure to a student's undergraduate education.

In addition to learning about the mind and behavior, students learn vital skills such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills, such that upon graduation, students are prepared for a wide range of employment opportunities and/or graduate education in psychology or related fields such as law, medicine, business, management, education, or social work.


Our vision is to be the preferred undergraduate psychology program in Georgia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the science of psychology in an inclusive climate that cultivates outstanding student and faculty scholars who serve the profession and the community.

Declaration of Identity

We are a dynamic faculty dedicated to excellence in undergraduate psychology education. We create an atmosphere that results in highly educated critical thinkers who make well-informed decisions based on empirical research and analytical thought processes.

Foundational Values


We promote empirical approaches to studying and understanding behavior.


We provide an exemplary educational experience for our students.


We practice and model ethical behavior


We demonstrate respect for others by acknowledging their needs and rights as individuals.


Our teaching, research, and service reflect our commitment to value diversity in all its forms.


We apply psychological science to benefit the academic and broader communities.


Ultimately, we measure success through the accomplishments of our students and faculty.