Research and Research-based Interventions

  • Forthcoming Book with University of California Press: “Technology and Our Critical Race toward Social Equity” (Spring 2023)
  • Presidential Task Force on Race Conference (Spring 2023)
  • Talks at Harvard on RISE and its social equity plans
  • Research presentation at the Global Meeting of the Law & Society Association in Lisbon, Portugal (July 2022)
  • Research presentation at the National Communication Association Convention (November 2022)
  • Grant applications to the National Endowment for the Humanities (Collaborative Research), the National Science Foundation (Racial Equity in STEM), the Sorozei Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Kresge Foundation (Fall 2022)
  • Study Abroad Program in planning phase for Summer 2024

Community Engagement

  • Building RISE’s Online Presence with a website, social media accounts, and related content
  • Launching “Courageous Conversations with RISE,” a podcast featuring leading thinkers and advocates on equity issues, interventions, and research
  • Collaborating with schools and community-based organizations on social equity programs
  • Proposing to the United Nation’s Caribbean Women’s Portfolio our partnership with the University of the West Indies on a racial discrimination tracking technology development
  • Training and recruiting students and researchers to the work of social equity

Capacity-Building, Assessment, and Training

  • Collaborating with the Mayor’s Office for the City of Atlanta to assess and build capacity for their Equity division and initiatives
  • Certifying KSU students, faculty, and community partners as Equity Fellows who will serve on a RISE Advisory Council
  • Facilitating and Co-sponsoring KSU faculty-led events (e.g., the Philosophy department’s Vada Project, the African and African Diaspora Studies Department Curriculum, and the Latin American Film Festival)