Organizational and Professional Communication Program Update

Students interested in a major in the School of Communication and Media:

We have four undergraduate majors to serve your interests—

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism and Emerging Media
  • Organizational and Professional Communication

As part of a one-year experiment, all “gated requirements” are being removed from the Organizational and Professional Communication (ORGC) major until August 1, 2022. (The 2.75 GPA requirement is still required for the other three majors, while the entrance exam remains on pause because of COVID.)

Until August 1, 2022, students can declare the ORGC major without going through ORGC-Interest. This is a part of our student-success efforts to open a pathway for interested students to pursue a Communication undergraduate degree.

You are still required to complete all catalog requirements for the degree, including the lower-division courses COM courses, which often serve as prerequisites for upper-division courses. These courses are:

  • COMM 2020 CSI: Communication Sources and Investigations
  • COMM 2129 Public Speaking
  • COMM 1110 Visual Communication
  • COMM 2135 Writing for Public Communication
  • COMM 2230 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • COMM 2240 Communication Law, Ethics, and Diversity

ORGC 3025 (Introduction to Organization and Professional Communication) is also a common prerequisite for other upper-division ORGC courses.

After your status moves to an ORGC major, you may register for any summer or fall ORGC courses for which you are qualified based on the prerequisites noted in the catalog.

Please contact the School of Communication and Media or your advisor if you have questions.