CHSS strives to become the fully engaged College of Humanities and Social Sciences that is a destination college for students seeking a 21st Century Liberal Arts education.


The mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is to prepare students to understand the human condition, to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, and to contribute to local communities and global society. CHSS will build a diverse and self-reflective community of scholars, educators, and other professionals that value and foster critical thinking, creativity, inclusiveness, and fairness.

Goal 1: Engage in excellence in providing a liberal arts education through our teaching, scholarship, and service.

  1. Expand and enhance instructional and experiential opportunities available to students to facilitate their success.
  2. Support scholarship, research, and creative activities that advance disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge.
  3. Promote, deepen, and honor service to the College, to the University, and to communities beyond.

Goal 2: Value and foster critical thinking, creativity, inclusiveness, and fairness.

  1. Ensure adequate acquisition and equitable distribution of resources
  2. Develop and sustain an environment for innovation
  3. Recruit and retain exceptional faculty and staff

Goal 3: Strengthen diversity and promote self-reflection

  1. Foster an engaging and supportive climate within the College
  2. Develop and sustain connections with communities within and outside of KSU
  3. Examine processes and implement practices to ensure fair and effective outcomes

Action Steps: (to be developed by each unit within the College)