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The Radow College Student Toolkit for Success is a resource for faculty to use that contains a wide range of tips, strategies, assessments, and resources for students.  Each topic consists of a self-paced standalone module. Faculty can utilize these modules in courses in two ways:

1) Download the module as a SCORM file and import it into your D2L course shell. This option is best if you wish to track student completion and include a quiz score.  
2) Copy the direct link to a specific module and embed that into your D2L shell. You can also embed a link directly into your syllabus, assignments, or other materials.

Please follow this Guide for Accessing and Importing a Student Toolkit for Success Module into Your Course.

Links are available for each module below and on the OwlTrain Radow College Student Toolkit for Success Channel.

Below are the SCORM files for each Module for D2L importation as well as the direct link.