Getting Started with Internships & Research for Credit


At KSU, Anthropology majors fulfill their Anthropological Applications requirement by completing 3 credit hours of either an internship (link to internship experience page) (ANTH 3398) or a research practicum (link to res. exp page) (ANTH 3397). 

    • ANTH 3398 Internship
      ANTH 3397 Practicum
    • Conducted outside the department 
      Conducted with an anthropology professor
    • Work oriented
      Research oriented
    • Must be supervised by an anthropologist OR the placement must be in a cultural institution or have a substantial cultural component
      Like a DAR, but you must create a "product", which may be a dataset, paper or presentation
    • Writing is graded by internship coordinator 
      Writing is graded by supervisor

    For both courses, pre-req is:

    • Research Methods
    • 3 credits required for Anth major (can take 6)
    • 150 hours
    • 15-20 pages of writing with 10 references
    • Final presentation to all anthro faculty
    • Midterm and final evaluations from supervisors
    • Regular meetings with supervisors
  • Ideally, you should choose to fulfill your Anthropological Applications requirement with the option that best suites your career goals. If you are thinking about graduate school, both an internship and a practicum are good ideas. A practicum will give you a first-hand experience in research and a good writing sample. Begin by communicating with a professor that shares your particular interests in anthropology. They can guide you to a project that will work for ANTH 3397.

    Looking to get right to work after graduation? An internship is ideal for you. Internships let you apply those anthropology skills in real and meaningful ways in your community and abroad! We encourage students to do more than one internship during their college career if they can. Our interns are often given job offers after they graduate.

    Check out our FAQs page to help guide you, and then, reach out to a professor in anthropology not sure which option is best for you.

    1. Contact the professor that you want to be your advisor for the practicum
    2. Discuss the topic/project you plan to work on for the practicum
    3. Ask your advisor to complete the ANTH 3397 and 4100 registration form
    4. Once submitted, look out for an e-mail from the Department of Geography and Anthropology on how to register for the course
    1. Find an internship by searching the internet for opportunities, reading about past internship experiences, and talking to KSU's Department of Career Planning and Development.
    2. Apply for an internship, then get confirmation of your acceptance to the internship in writing (e.g. an e-mail letter)
    3. Register the internship experience in Handshake
    4. If your proposed internship experience is approved, look out for an email from the Department of Career Planning and Development about how to register for the course.
    5. Reach our to the Anthropology Internship Coordinator, Dr. Susan Kirkpatrick Smith with any questions.
  • Here are a list of resources you will find useful for finding internship experiences.