Welcome to Module 1!

In this module, we will introduce ourselves, learn about best practices for online/asynchronous courses, and begin the process of designing your course!

  • Participants will be able to:

    1. Explain the benefits of creating a course map before developing.
    2. Design a course map.
    3. Create a clear and organized start here module.
    4. Use Kaltura/MediaSpace to record video for online courses.
    5. Explain and apply essential elements of copyright and explain the benefits of open educational resources.
    6. Discuss accessibility in online courses and apply it as a best practice in online courses.
  • Complete the activities below! Make sure you save your certificates and documents to your training folder as you go along! 

    • Assignment Name
      What do I do with it?
    • Padlet
      Introduce yourself! Tell us what your name is, what you teach, and an interesting fact about yourself.
    • Video
      Watch the orientation to the ODE to learn about your resources and how we can help.
    • Video
      Watch the orientation to the training to set your expectations.
    • Email

      Once you have your NetID and password, email UITS to request your SoftChalk account! You will need this for future modules.

      You do not need to provide any documentation for this activity in your training folder

    • Email 
      Email Tammy to schedule your first one-on-one. She will help you set up a one-on-one with an ODE team member to discuss your progress and make sure you’re on the right track! Remember to bring your course map to this meeting.
    • SoftChalk
      Review this training to get an understanding of what a course map is, why it is a useful tool, and how to create one.
    • SoftChalk
      Review the “Start Here Module” SoftChalk and watch the video to learn about why we require Start Here modules and how to create one.
    • Link
      Put this link in your "Start Here" module to support student success. 
    • LearningApps
      If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable using and building in D2L, complete this activity to determine whether you should complete the D2L Basics Module. This will give you an idea of what skills you need to know in order to be successful in developing the online portion of your classes.
    • 10. D2L Basics Module  (Optional, but highly recommended)
      Complete this training and receive a 90% on the quiz to receive a D2L Basics Certificate. This is optional, but HIGHLY recommended.
    • SoftChalk
      Complete this training to learn about best practices for PowerPoint and how to effectively lecture in online/asynchronous classes.
    • SoftChalk
      Complete this training to learn about why accessibility is necessary, what the best practices are, and how to implement best practices. This training will help you work smarter, not harder!
    • 13. Accessible Documents Activity. The Bad Syllabus and  PowerPoint
      Word + PowerPoint

      Download the Bad Syllabus and Bad PowerPoint documents. Your assignment is to make them both accessible based on the accessibility lesson and tutorials. When you have both documents accessible, save them to your training folder and submit them after you’ve completed the rest of the training. The documents must be completely accessible to receive credit.

      You can use the Word Accessibility Tutorial and PowerPoint Accessibility Tutorial for assistance, and feel free to reach out to the ODE if you get stuck!


    • SoftChalk
      Complete this training to learn about copyright and open educational resources.
    • LearningApps

      Use this exercise to become familiar with software we use at Kennesaw State University.



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