Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural and Community Centers

  • Cultural and Community Centers (CCC)

    CCC provide diverse services and resources through these 4 resource centers: Cultural Awareness Resource Center, Global Village, LGBTQ Resource Center & Women’s Resource Center.

  • Cultural Awareness Resource Center (CARC)

    CARC - A platform for all students to have multicultural experiences through various programs, events & activities. You can join at the Multicultural Programming Board and be a part of promoting awareness and appreciation for the diversity on Kennesaw States campus.

  • Global Village (GV)

    GV offers a variety of services, workshops, programs and events for both Domestic and International students which include International Peer Leader Program, International Student Orientation, academic intervention, cultural adjustment workshops, internship excursions, immigration & tax information and other related resources.

  • LGBTQ Resource Center

    Information on programs, activities, events, connecting with campus community and support group and other resources.

  • Women’s Resource Center

    Provides advocacy, outreach, support, training (e.g. ONE Choice Bystander training) and workshop (e.g. salary negotiation), arrange various events and programs for especially women.

  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion

    Office of Diversity and Inclusion promotes diverse leadership, cross-cultural communications and engagement through various programs and training.