Course Information

MPA Courses

PAD 6200: Fundamentals of Public Administration and Public Service
PAD 6250: Research Methods and Computer Applications
PAD 6350: Public Service Budgeting
PAD 6450: Governmental Relations
PAD 6500: Policy Analysis OR PAD 6600: Program Evaluation
PAD 6700: Human Resource Management in Public Service
PAD 7985: Internship in Public Service OR PAD 7995: Practicum in Public Service
PAD Elective course


MAIGC Courses

COM 7100: Survey of Global Communication
COM 7300: International Public Relations
COM 7350: Principles of Strategic Communication
COM 7400: Communication Research Methods
COM 7500: Communication for Multinational Corporations
COM 7600: Communication and Technology Seminar
COM 6670: Crisis Leadership Communication
COM 7900: Capstone


Students are required to select and complete six credit hours of international experience that count toward both the MPA and MAIGC degrees and best fit their career and personal goals. Three of the six hours must be MPA-related coursework. Three hours must be MAIGC- or MPA-related courses, directed study, or international experience.