Marketing & PR

Public Relations

All faculty members are welcome to contact the media as subject matter experts. If you wish to speak on a particular topic on behalf of the university or want to send out a press release on behalf of your program or department, that will require approval by the University-level communications team. Please contact to begin that process.


Faculty Websites

Create a faculty website on FacultyWeb. Email the Help Desk to set up your account.



We want to brag about you! We are always looking for stories to feature on:

  • Student success and research
  • Unique student stories—overcoming hardships, unique experiences that are part of their educational journey or personal life, or experiential learning
  • Interesting teaching techniques
  • Alumni success
  • Interesting, relevant, transdisciplinary, or groundbreaking research

Do you have a good story to tell? Email the details to


KSU Style Guide

Learn how to use the logo and how not to use the logo. Find out what colors are in the KSU brand, submit a design you have created for design approval, and more at

  • KSU Editorial Style Guide: Find out when to capitalize something, what punctuation to use in a given circumstance, and what the official names of programs, departments and buildings are. This guide applies to promotional materials, not academic writing.
  • KSU Logos: Download the official KSU logos.
  • PowerPoint Templates: The official branded KSU PowerPoint templates .


KSU Today

KSU Today is an e-newsletter that goes to faculty and staff that have signed up to receive it. The newsletter comes out Monday through Friday. Submit your event at


KSU Calendar

Submit events to the KSU Calendar so that they will appear on our website. Submissions will be posted on websites based on the department you choose. Select your department and then select the Norman J. Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences if you would like to request that we also post it on the College website.