This is what OUR alumni say about MAIGC...

Nicole LittleThe completion of my Master’s of Art in Integrated Global Communications has allowed me to expand my knowledge and understanding of both domestic and international issues and how the world has a collection of cultures that can better relate to one another. The flexibility of this program allowed me to create a unique pathway that was applicable to my role at Georgia Tech. It helped me to strengthen my existing professional relationships in the field of higher education, as well as develop new ones to further help me and our office to succeed.

Nicole Little - MAIGC '17 


Lindsey Tulkoff The MAIGC program presented the real life, day to day challenges surrounding international business and international organizational communication. MAIGC instilled cultural sensitivity and perseverance which is pertinent on a daily basis in my day to day communication within my organization. Furthermore, MAIGC gave me a toolbox of soft skills to handle unexpected problems, intercultural miscommunications, and dedication to finishing the drill even if there is no clear path.

Lindsey Tulkoff - MAIGC '12



Barbara Collier The MAIGC program has shaped my academic understanding of crisis communication concerning natural disasters, but also through my travel abroad seeing initiatives like a sustainable development community (i.e., Rives Deux) in Strasbourg, France being realized.

Barbara Collier - MAIGC '18 




Caitlyn BarronToday in my role as a senior communication consultant for a Fortune 100 company, I’m able to lean on the strategic and tactical communication skills that I honed while completing my M.A. in Integrated Global Communication. As a communicator for a major corporation I’m required to work with senior executives, key stakeholders, and the media; often times at a moment’s notice. Earning my master’s degree provided the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and intellectual stamina - two key characteristics needed to be a valuable business partner in corporate communication.

Caitlyn Barron - MAIGC '12


Meghan de Saint AubinSince graduating from the MAIGC program, my career has reached new heights. I have been with my current company, Safe Banking Systems, for 5 years now. After graduation, I decided to continue my journey at SBS. I was then promoted to Data Editor and this year to Data Specialist. Currently, we have merged with a larger company and there are even more opportunities from a global standpoint. In the next year, I will be traveling domestically and internationally with my company. The MAIGC program better prepared me for the business world especially with the trips I was able to take while in school. In 2017, I did my study abroad in London and also traveled to Japan. My graduate school experience has inspired me to return in the next few years to teach students who have the same thirst for knowledge and the world that I did.        

Meghan de Saint Aubin - MAIGC '17


Madison ConwayMy career would not be what it is today without KSU's M.A in Integrated Global Communication. With the help of esteemed professors who are experts in their fields, the skills and hands-on experience provided by this program have given me a competitive advantage that will last a lifetime.

Madison (Jordan) Conway - MAIGC '11





Tracy BarahonaMAIGC was an I credible program and life experience. After being selected into the first Cohort, I was able to master the collaboration and leadership skills I now use in my role today. I was also fortunate to be able to spend nearly a month abroad in China which widened my global communications horizon.

Tracy Barahona - MAIGC '12




The MAIGC helped to prepare me to work with my counterparts across the country and communicate with them in a clear and effective way. It has helped me take into account global television and media strategies and apply and enhance domestic strategies.

Darryn Persaud - MAIGC '12


The MAIGC program enabled me to pursue a career change, develop additional skills and perspectives, and form life-long relationships with dynamic professionals and friends.

Debbie Wetherhead - MAIGC '15