Welcome to the official website of the School of Communication & Media at Kennesaw State University. If you are new to our community, this site will tell you about our mission, focus and curriculum and guide you to some useful resources to investigate the dynamic field of communication. We offer courses that expose students to the art and science of communication and prepare them to achieve fulfilling careers in media, journalism, public relations, organizational communication and other communication areas. Our courses lead to a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Emerging Media, Media & Entertainment, Organizational & Professional Communication or Public Relations.

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Need to complete your lower-division requirements to apply for a major?

Seats are open in these required classes.

  • COM 2020/01, Com Sources & Investigations - 8-week session, CRN 51962
  • COM 2020/W01 or W02, Com Sources & Investigations – 8-week session, online, CRN 51963 or 51964
  • COM 2033/W04, Visual Communication - 8-week session, online, CRN 51968
  • COM 2240/01, Comm Law, Ethics, and Diversity – 8-week session,  CRN 51977

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Need an upper-division class this summer?

Seats are still available in these non-gated Communication and Media classes.

  • COM 3435/01 and /02, Research Methods – 8-week session, hybrid, CRN 51995 or 51996
  • PR 3335/W01, PR Principles - 4-week I (June), online, CRN 52055
  • PR 3429/W01 and W02, Persuasion – 8-week session, online, CRN 52074 or 52071
  • ORGC 3376/01, Interpersonal Communication - Maymester, CRN 52053

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