The RCHSS Undergraduate Advising Center has full-time professional advisors to assist all students in the School of Communication and Media. The center is located in Willingham Hall, Room 223, 470-578-7728. The advisers will help you plan your schedule and recommend a path to graduation in your chosen major. Keep in mind that once you are admitted to the School with your declared major, you typically will have at least three semesters of upper-division course work ahead.

Our School offers four Bachelor of Science programs: Journalism & Emerging Media (JOUR), Media & Entertainment (MENT), Organizational & Professional Communication (ORGC), and Public Relations (PR). Minors in Organizational & Professional Communication, Public Relations, and Crisis Preparedness are available to non-SOCM majors. 

Our JOUR, MENT, and PR majors are gated, meaning students must pass 5 Area F courses – COMM 1110, 2020, 2033, 2135, and 2240, with a 2.75 gpa and submit an application before declaring a major. If you want to major in one of these areas, first declare yourself as an JOUR, MENT, or PR-Interest student in Owl Express, and apply when you have completed the required Area F classes listed above.

Until August 1, 2022, students can fully declare the Organizational & Professional Communication major without meeting gate requirements during the 2021-22 academic year. Area F classes are still required, but the minimum GPA requirement and application are not required to declare ORGC.

If you need/want to discuss possible careers in these majors or graduate school, our SOCM faculty are available to guide you. 

Repeating Courses

Students may have up to 3 attempts to pass a course. However, you’ll need special permission to repeat a course for the third time. Please fill out an override request form if you need to repeat a course. 

Because our majors are in high demand, students in our lower-division courses are encouraged to make their academic program a priority. It is important to successfully complete the lower-division required courses in a timely manner so that you can move forward into your chosen major.

Declaring Your Major

Once you have completed the 5 required lower division COM Area F courses with a 2.75 GPA or higher, submit the Undergraduate Program Admission Application to be admitted into a SOCM major.