B.S. in Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment degree invites students to explore the critical ways in which communication and converged media connect with and affect our lives, society, and culture. The program focuses on the forms and effects of media, including radio, film, television, print, and electronic media, and requires that students demonstrate basic digital media production skills. Our students are critically engaged with creative analysis, production, and research into traditional and emerging forms of media. The curriculum emphasizes media history, media institutions, theory and research, production, ethics, policy, management, and technology and their effects on contemporary life.

The program offers both theoretical and applied approaches to the study and production of media. We define “entertainment” as “any media or communication function that is used for entertainment purposes” when considering areas of study. Thus, the field of media and entertainment is very broad and includes everything from film, television, and radio pre-production, production, and post-production; to corporate, government, and non-profit communications and digital media production; to jobs in theater, music, museums, theme parks, sports, travel and tourism, and gaming. The program also features moMENTum productions, a collective of faculty & students who volunteer to help our campus and community partners with media production projects. 

To be eligible to apply to a major in Media & Entertainment, students must meet the following criteria:

* Meet the School of Communication & Media (SOCM) Sophomore GPA Requirement. This Sophomore GPA requirement consists of combined adjusted 2.75 GPA in the following five courses:

  • COMM 1110
  • COMM 2020
  • COMM 2033
  • COMM 2135
  • COMM 2240

*All communication majors must earn a grade of “C” or better in all communication courses counted toward their degree.

For more information on specific classes, see our Media & Entertainment degree information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.