SOCM Undergraduate Program Admission Application /

Adjusted GPA in five Area F SOCM courses:

Please list your letter grade for the courses listed below.

Choose 1 of the following depending on program and catalog year:

(JOUR, MENT, PR majors, and ORGC majors under Fall 2020 catalog and beyond)

(ORGC majors under the Fall 2019 catalog and earlier may use ORGC 2205 as their final Area F course. Alternatively, they may use COM 2240 or COM 2230 here if they take the course during the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semester. Please enter the course you wish to use and your grade here)

*COM 2230/COMM 1100 is a required class for all SOCM majors under the Fall 2020 catalog and beyond; it is still a requirement for all non-ORGC majors in older catalogs.*


GPA requirement is 2.75 for all students applying to be a SOCM major.

Calculate your SOCM GPA by using the formula below.

(A=4, B=3, C=2)

COM 2020: A=4
COM 2033: A=4
COM 2129: B=3
COM 2135: B=3
COM 2240: C=2

16= Total from adding all five courses together
5 = The number of courses (this doesn't change)
3.2 = Your SOCM GPA. Enter this number below.

By submitting this form, I have read the admission criteria for the major I am applying to within the School of Communication & Media and certify I am minimally qualified to apply to the program. I confirm that I have an adjusted GPA of 2.75 or higher in my five Area F SOCM courses.