Summer Engagement Abroad Module

Summer Engagement Abroad Module (SEAM)

The Summer Engagement Abroad Module (SEAM) is a six-credit requirement of the M.A. in Integrated Global Communication degree program.  

The SEAM provides an opportunity for M.A. in Integrated Global Communication students to experience observe, study or work on site in global organizations abroad.  

Students are responsible for all travel costs, program fees, tuition, and other fees associated with the selected SEAM experience.  

SEAM Options

SEAM options are subject to availability.  Please see the KSU Schedule of courses for updates or contact us.


  • Students travel with M.A. in Integrated Global Communication faculty for site visits to top global communication organizations.  Previous Study Tours have taken place in:

    • Seoul, South Korea
    • London, England and Dublin, Ireland
    • Brussels, Belgium
  • Students gain professional experience working on site with a global organization. Students work with faculty to secure placement, or work with approved partner organizations.  

    Students have completed practicums at top strategic communication and media organizations, including:

    • Ketchum PR, Dubai, UAE
    • Golin Public Relations, London, UK
    • Tsugi Software, Niigata, Japan
    • Voluntario Global, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • BBC Southeast, Tunbridge Wells, UK
    • Purple Fire Branding, London, UK
    • Noble Wines of Montepulciano, Italy Consortium
    • Crociani Wines, Montepulciano, Italy
    • YKK Corporation, Atlanta, USA
    • Canadian Consulate, Atlanta, USA
  • Students select an existing graduate level Study Abroad tour through KSU Education Abroad or approved partner institution.

  • Students work with faculty to design and conduct an original research study to be completed during individual travel abroad.  Previous students have completed Directed Study projects in:

    • The Netherlands
    • China
    • London
    • South Korea
    • Ghana
    • Germany
    • Belgium